Complete Internet Services to Get You on the Web

A quality website that the search engines will love is a big step in the right direction. However, there’s more to it. I provide all the services necessary to help you grow your business on the web, so you get the same quality and service across the board.

High Performance Hosting

Hosting is the engine under the hood of your website. No matter how finely tuned your website is, slow hosting just isn’t an option. I host all my clients’ sites on a lightning fast, reliable and secure LiteSpeed™ server for the best possible performance.

I like to keep things simple, so I include complete website maintenance, your SSL certificate, and domain costs with your monthly hosting plan.

Get Visitors to Your Website

So, now you have a completely optimized and maintained website running on high performance hosting. You’re way ahead of most of your competitors already, but you still need to get the most visitors possible. There are two ways to go about it. You can have a blog on your site, and add fresh, interesting content regularly, and/or run paid ads.

Running a blog is free. It’s the best long term solution because it helps add credibility, notoriety and better search engine ranking naturally. But, the results might take weeks or months, and it’s not for everyone. I also offer proofreading, editing and optimizing service for adding new blog content, if you need it.

The other option is paid ads. This includes enhanced profiles or ads on major local listing sites or pay-per-click ads that appear within the search results on major search engines.

When done right, pay-per-click ads are the most cost effective. I can set up an ad campaign for you, and get visitors to your website within a day or two. You only pay for the ads themselves when someone clicks on your listing and goes to your website. For a low monthly fee, I’ll manage and optimize your campaigns to get you the most quality clicks possible for your ad budget.

I reserve all services for my website clients only. This lets me give you high quality and dedicated service at a great price.


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