Custom Websites Designed, Built and Optimized

It’s a proven fact that a quality website with the right optimization ranks higher in search engine results, reaches more customers and makes more sales.

Design Meets Functionality

Website design and functionality go hand in hand. When I start a project, the first thing I address is the desired end result when someone visits your site. This determines the layout and whether you need extra features above and beyond text and images.  It’s best to keep things clean, simple and straightforward. Then, we’ll decide on the best color scheme, fonts, images, logo, etc. and how to use them effectively to complement your website’s structure.

I have several options for eCommerce or membership websites, that include an online shop, invoicing, affiliate program, email marketing, live chat, a forum or social network and almost anything you can think up.

Of course, your website will also look great and function perfectly on all mobile devices.

Search Engine and Performance Optimization

The internet is extremely competitive. You need every advantage possible, and a visually appealing website is only part of the equation. What you don’t see when you view your website is just as important. Search engines can’t see colors or images. They rank your website according to the content and how the code organizes, and presents it to them. This also includes whether your site is mobile friendly and how fast the pages load.

I custom build your site around your content using minimal code, making it very lightweight and search engine friendly.


Being a small company with low overhead, and keeping things simple and streamlined keeps your cost to a minimum. I can save you 25% to 50% over what other companies charge for a website of very high quality.

Get in touch with me by phone or email. We’ll discuss what type of website best fits your situation and budget. A consultation and estimate is always free.

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